Prevent Painful Chafing Of Skin On Your Feet

For those of you who are on your feet all day, every day, you know how important it is to stay comfortable. If you stand throughout the day or you’re a runner or fitness walker, then you may have some experience with the problem of chafing or blistering. When your feet “run” into these uncomfortable foot conditions, it can literally stop you in your tracks.

How to Prevent Foot Problems, Like Chafing

Chafing and blistering can happen anywhere on the body where friction is present. Thighs, arms, feet and just about anywhere else skin rubs against fabric is susceptible. It is irritating, and completely frustrating, when it gets to the point that you have to stop your activity so your skin can heal.

Friction and wetness work together to create chafing and painful blisters. These can make walking to the kitchen a nightmare, let alone running a marathon or getting through a day of work on your feet. Your best defense in this situation is to eliminate or minimize the friction and wetness. If you can do this, then you can prevent skin irritation.

Here are three ways to keep wetness and friction from becoming a problem:


Wear good fitting shoes. If your shoes don’t fit quite right, you are setting yourself up for problems. They shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, and they shouldn’t rub or slip.


Wear good socks. Look for socks that are absorbent, soft and comfortable. Avoid seams. Good socks can help prevent wetness. Use foot powder. This serves two purposes. First, the powder absorbs moisture, keeping your feet dry, second, the powder leaves your skin silky, which discourages friction.


Not all foot powders are created equal. Anti-Monkey Butt powder has quality ingredients such as calamine that help minimize foot discomfort and help heal any irritation. Anti-Monkey Butt is perfect for preventing problems because it is absorbent and leaves skin silky smooth. Perfect for runners, distance walkers and anyone else who is on their feet all day. For more powder application tips, click here.


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