My Butt is Sweating! 7 Effective Tips For Your Tender Bits

Have you ever been there? It can be downright embarrassing to have butt print sweat stains on your shorts, left on a machine at the gym, or on a bench after adjusting your sneakers. If you have ever experienced these cheeky situations, then you’re definitely looking for something that will help you prevent sweat and all that comes along with it.

Here are 7 effective tips for reducing sweat and friction:


If you are a guy, wear boxer briefs or undergarments that support your tender bits, especially when working out, training or jogging.


Get a comfortable bicycle seat, making it easy on your tender parts. Hard plastic saddles can cause some serious friction and irritation downstairs.


Shorten your workouts, especially if you are planning on cycling.


Exercise and jog either in the early morning or evening when it is cooler. This may not prevent sweat during a workout, but it sure can reduce the amount of sweat.


Take frequent breaks. Cyclists may need to do more than take a water break and check their gears and chain; make sure the seat hasn’t shifted during your ride. Exercise bikes work the same way. More friction means more pain.


Use a sweat absorbing powder like Anti Monkey Butt Anti Friction Powder. Our formulas contain talc (Original) and cornstarch ( Lady Anti Monkey Butt and Baby Anti Monkey Butt) which will help prevent sweat, and calamine, an ingredient long known for its medicinal properties.


Keep some Anti Monkey Butt travel size on hand just in case you feel a sweat flare up while on the go. It fits easily in your glove box, gym bag or purse.


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