Helping Volunteers Who Feed Disaster Victims and First Responders

Anti Monkey Butt®

Helping Volunteers Who Feed Disaster Victims and First Responders

Competition cooks, caterers and chefs are getting it right with Operation BBQ Relief. Leveraging cooking expertise with an innate ability to quickly and efficiently mobilize teams of volunteers to disaster areas, is the foundational philosophy for this distinctive charitable organization.

The organization’s co-founder and CEO reached out to Anti Monkey Butt® requesting a donation of our patented silky smooth powdery formula for their volunteers who work long hours around hot BBQ grills, which are often times in warm climates.

“Last year we served over 569,000 meals (about 550,000 of those were done in hot climate areas),” said Stan Hays, Co-Founder and CEO (President) of Operation BBQ Relief. “During Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we had over 120 volunteers on average a day and we went through a lot of powder.”

Anti Monkey Butt® donated a total of 2,000 sample packets to help provide relief to these dedicated volunteers. We also send our heartfelt thanks for the great work they are doing by providing delicious meals to those who have lost everything and all those onsite emergency workers. It can’t be easy, but putting a smile on the faces of the distressed and filling their bellies with a warm meal certainly spreads human kindness. Or in our case – Monkey kindness!


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